Lawyers Living Well        

Too many lawyers are experiencing high levels of stress and are unhealthy and unhappy, adversely affecting their professional and personal lives. The State Bar of Georgia wants to help you by promoting health and wellness among our members and staff, including the development of work/life balance CLE programs, and increase awareness of existing Bar programs that deal with such issues.

A key objective for the lawyer wellness initiative will be to make sure our members know about resources already in place to help them:

About the Attorney Wellness Committee

This standing committee will oversee the Bar's wellness initiative, Lawyers Living Well. It will 1) promote health and wellness among members and staff, 2) identify factors that impact the physical and emotional well-being of attorneys, 3) develop work/life balance CLE programs, 4) increase awareness of existing Bar programs that deal with such issues, and 5) accumulate information and educate members about wellness issues and resources.


Wellness CLE Programs

The Attorney Wellness Committee has compiled a list of all wellness CLE programs available through the State Bar of Georgia, from 2015 to the present. Please take a moment to explore this list and learn more. > View CLE List